Monday, August 15, 2005


Product Life Cycle, Wireless, Texas Longhorns, Podcasting, and other stuff

Product life cycle re-explored
Barb Pellow of Kodak had a column in OnDemand Journal about the product life cycle and the concepts expressed in the book "Crossing the Chasm." I quickly sent her a note that she had the product life cycle all wrong. Everybody knows that the product life cycle is
Free Wi-Fi? Beware: Google may be outlining plans for wi-fi everywhere,17863,1093558,00.html?promoid=rss

Texas Longhorns issue a video magazine

Podcasting overblown?
Great analyst quote: "We find both that the early adoption rate differs completely from the later adoption rate, and that people use things and they just don't like them, and after a year they stop." Duh! You'd think they'd remember when they were little that new toys got played with the most and only a very few toys hung around for a while.

Wireless, all through the house.
Wireless gives new meaning to being "well-connected." Having a home office, I work everywhere and anywhere, and it's great being able to connect anywhere in the house, from the intergalactic headquarters located in the dungeon in the basement, to the deck to the second floor bedrooms. When we built this place 15 years ago, I thought we'd network it, but it was going to cost $10K, so I didn't. I'm glad we didn't. Wireless will now become as common as plumbing for new housing.

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