Monday, August 29, 2005


OpenOffice Beta 2 Released... and What? Using Google Mail for Backup?

The OpenOffice 2.0 Beta 2 (actually it's version 1.9.125 .... I've been using 1.9.122 and have not detected any issues) has now been released. It's at This gives some credence to the idea that StarOffice 8 will be released at Sun Microsystem's big event on September 12. StarOffice will have a lot of extra add-ons than OpenOffice for a great price. Of course, OpenOffice is free.

Read a great article about using Google's GMail as backup for your work. GMail has 2.5GB of space for free, so it's got plenty of room. This site explains how it's done, and the software that's needed.
The article is from the 9/20/2005 issue of PC Magazine but is not up online yet. I'll revise this post as soon as it is.

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