Monday, August 08, 2005


Articles of Interest

In 'Seismic' Shift to E-Media, Business Titles Leverage Content—and Their Newsrooms (has interesting comments about adoption of new media in publishing businesses, and who "gets it" and who "doesn't get it" from a journalistic standpoint. Article is based on a panel discussion.)

The NY Times is integrating its web and print newsrooms. This is a bigger deal than it seems on the surface.

Broadband users turn off the TV (the shifting media mix)

Adobe and Microsoft are about to knock heads as MSFT gets ready to introduce some new products in 2006

Industry writer Richard Romano now has a very entertaining blog. His blog's title, which he claims originates with a joke I instant-messaged to him, is called "Blogito Ergo Sum." And yes, it does seem that unless you blog, you don't exist.

My comments on oil prices in response to a recent Providence Journal article (picked up from the NYT --doesn't anyone have their own reporters anymore?) showed up in their letters section. You've heard it before from me. I don't know how long this link will be valid before they move it to their paid site.

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