Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Recommended Articles

Folio has a great piece that describes changes in the publishing process.

HP turns its back on its users group! Only control freaks and micromanagers can get any pleasure out of this. If your company thinks it has "rogue customers" who need to be monitored, then this is a smart move. There will certainly be fewer problems when there are no customers at all. No matter how this is sugar-coated, it's not a smart idea, even if you think the user group is bad.

Interview with Philip Kotler, world-renowned marketing expert, whose textbooks have been used in college and university classrooms for parts of four decades (at least three). A little disappointing, but worth a look anyway.

Yet another publisher laments that "print is dead." I used to get his magazine... his comments here are better than his magazine is... also an early Zinio user...

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