Tuesday, July 19, 2005


More E-Paper News

Fujitsu had their big announcement last week (see the second post for 7/13 below), and news of another breakthrough comes from Scotland. The article misspells one of the company names: it's actually DuPont-Teijin. I had thought the e-paper era would be about a decade away. It's probably closer. When we see the first products in this category commercialized, they probably won't be called e-paper, but be called "light-weight screens" or "thin screens" or something like that. We haven't seen samples yet, but imagine we will sometime. Maybe if I keep writing about it, someone will think I'm an expert...

Article: http://news.scotsman.com/scitech.cfm?id=1640772005

DuPoint-Teijin: http://www.dupontteijinfilms.com/ (not a very informative site)

Paisley University Thin Film Centre: http://www.thinfilmcentre.co.uk/

Plastic Logic: http://www.plasticlogic.com/

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