Friday, July 29, 2005


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And you thought e-paper would affect only publishing and commercial printing? How about packaging?

Merrill Lynch says a "media malaise" has descended upon traditional advertising, and says there is a lot of downside risk

Print media buyer news

TV Guide, the latest e-media victim, cuts circulation by two-thirds, changes format

Text messaging catching on across all age groups

Record number of teens online

Shortage of online journalists?

Whitewash? Trade association American Business Media trumpets ad revenue growth, but you can't find news about the decline in ad pages in their release. It always pays to look at the data and decide for yourself. No one is helped by putting a smiley face on stuff when they can see a bump under the rug where the real situation has been swept.
The release:
The data:

Yahoo! as the next media giant,15114,1086026,00.html

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