Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Flint Ink Sold

In what had to be one of the worst-kept industry secrets, Flint Ink was sold and is now part of Xsys. The release was sent to me by the public relations agency Broadford & Maloney this morning. Yet, it was not posted to the web sites of Flint or Xsys as I write this about an hour later. It is on the site of major investor

It's hard to coordinate cross-media, of course, but to not have it on the company web sites? Sheesh!

Anyway, why Flint was denying it was for sale but was "in a number of discussions" was beyond me. Everyone knows what "in a number of discussions" just like we do "pursuing strategic alternatives means." I wrote about it in my blog posting of May 18 as part of a "non-denial denial." Ah, English... it helps you say what you don't mean and still mean it.

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