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Personal Note: Perhaps You Know Others Who Can Benefit

For thirteen years I suffered with prostatitis which is now considered by many to be chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS). My happy experience beating CPPS has now been posted on the Internet at

Perhaps you know others who have dealt with this. Estimates vary, but about 10 million U.S. men will have to deal with prostatitis at some time. Many end up on disability. I did not want to be one of them, and luckily stumbled into what I call "the karate cure."

I am a 24 year old male who has been suffering with prostatitis for about three years now. I went to my family physician who immediately diagnosed me with it ( In 3 minutes, I had a feeling he was busy), and prescribed my enough Cipro to kill a horse (in a much lighter note, in a post 9/11 world, I could haved sniffed anthrax and been fine). Unfortunately it did nothing. Two more visits and the same two remedies later, and still no results, I gave up. After doing my own research online, I became even more depressed when I actually saw how many men went untreated for this. Quercetin offered mild relief, and I just recently started using saw palmetto. I ran into this website tonight and I'm getting a little excited, because the causes for the symptoms might be clear to me. I drive a delivery truck work approx. 12 hours a day 5 days a week. It is a high stress job, and it takes a toll on me, not to mention crazy drivers I have to deal with on a daily basis. I've kinda let myself go a little bit in the physical health area, and am probably a good 30 pounds overwieght. I find myself constantly holding in my stomach, not that may make a huge difference, but it adds to the pressure I put on in that area. I just finished writing to a doctor who researches the relaxation methods and requested more information, but I really don't feel like spending thousands of dollars on something that I might be able to produce myself, and might not work anyway. If you could just give me a guideline of what you did differently and what the results were, I would greatly appreciate it. I would jump of a plane right now if someone told me it would help.


i first got it when i was 33, so 24 seems a lot worse to me. i don't envy your situation. my sense is that if it's abacterial prostatitis saw palmetto won't help. because the conditions gets bad and then gets better, it's easy to attribute the last thing you did to a miracle cure--- been there, done that.

to lose the weight, i got control of breakfast and lunch--- egg white omelettes with no toast, or an occasional egg with extra whites, or egg beaters (the southwestern flavor is my favorite).

when i get hungry i snack on hormel turkey pepperoni. i switched to diet soda. for lunch, a salad, no croutons, or a healthy couple of pieces of turkey kielbasa, or some chicken. no bread, no fries (and i'm shocked i didnt miss them).

for dinner, stay away from the bread, i have a half potato if at all.

i lost 15 lb my first month (it's mainly water), 30 in about 3 months, and it's stayed off

i make sure i cheat on my diet once a week for something i really miss. (sundaes are good, but i still miss pancakes, so i make that my cheat meal about once a month)

the weight loss helped me a lot.

the karate was the best, but there were other things that were part of it. sitting in a ring really helps, and if you're sitting all that time, you should get one. here's a site that sells it

the "headache in my pelvis" is on amazon. the exercises start on page 162

one of the exercises is on this page and is #4 and #9. this one really helped the most.

getting on your back and pulling each knee to your chin and holding it for about 30 sec alternatively helps. do it again, but pull the knee to the opposite shoulder instead. then for the next set bend one leg and lay the ankle of one just above the knee of the other (if looking from above it looks like you've made a triangle with your legs) and push the raised knee down gently. then repeat with the other knee.

kegel exercises help a lot

being active really helps a lot, which is why i came to love the whole body workout of karate class. i havent found anything that exercises the pelvic area as much and as thoroughly. if you don't mind being the only guy in a yoga class, you may want to try that. :) perhaps get a tape first.

i hope this helps! i suffered for way too long.
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