Thursday, May 19, 2005


Neat Links, Calcubation Story

Got some industry spam the other day. Most spam is written by people for whom writing is a puzzle. This is one of the funnier ones I've seen, about binding equipment, or is it the emergence of slave trade in the printing industry?
"FOR SALE: Completely refurbished MBO Service Technician"
What's been done to him? Hip repacement and some dentures, perhaps?

Newspapers charging for content? Like they don't now?

Good story about the ups and downs of personalization,0,368973.story?coll=ny-business-leadheadlines

E-books need defending? I guess so.,1759,1817362,00.asp

I got a good laugh this morning at MAN Roland's announcement that their new press is available in 3150 configurations. I've seen these press releases before, they're the product of "calcubation," which is too much time alone playing with one's calculator. That means they're only 6,340 combinations behind Starbucks (73 menu items, 10 syrup flavors, 13 modifiers = 9490). Perhaps adding press colors, no not units, but presses in different colors would help them catch up. I'm sure Pantone will help.

Road warrior stuff:

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