Saturday, May 14, 2005


Is E-publishing Worth It?

The NY Times reported how e-publications and communications are replacing libraries in universities and colleges.

But do we really want to do it? This article states that e-newspapers actually use more energy than producing traditional paper newspapers. I always loved those counterintuitive and unexpected consequence stories.

Adobe's shutting down their digital media store!,1759,1815262,00.asp

But if we still use print, this article implies much of it will come from China

Perhaps print will still be needed to explain how to work those multimedia cell phones....

But then, here's a report that few people really want these devices...

But we'll need something to access all the information that's created (Oct. 2003 report from Berkeley; it's not that much out of date, very worthwhile)

Speaking of information, yours truly was recently featured in a short article in the April/May 2005 edition of My Business magazine, the publication of the National Federation of Independent Business. I give away one of my "trade secrets."

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