Friday, April 29, 2005


Neat Articles for the Week

Mary Meeker, one of the virtually disgraced cheerleaders of the Internet bubble is now back and "wowed" the crowd at the Ad:Tech show in San Francisco. I can’t believe how often this presentation was cited, and it didn’t look planned, it looked for real. The file is big.
An article about it
Her presentation

Big retailer Home Depot has some interesting ideas about implementing multichannel marketing

Hot topics, at least according to Microsoft; note the shortage of computer scientists.

Companies that "get it": The Wired 40

Bruce Chizen, CEO of Adobe, the printing industry’s equivalent of the Roman god Janus (is Adobe our friend or foe? ... the only answer is "yes") was interviewed recently, and had some very interesting things to say

George Will's column about newspaper readership

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