Saturday, April 23, 2005


More About Trade, and Google's Ad Revenue Now Bigger Than NY Times, Washington Post, Knight Ridder, & Dow Jones

Today's Barrons has a good article explaining the "trade deficit" and debunking the various myths around it

Thursday's articles about newspapers were balanced by Google's stellar revenue results. This line from the Wall Street Journal is a shocker: "...Its quarterly advertising revenue now outstrips the advertising revenue of most major newspaper publishers, including New York Times Co., Washington Post Co., Knight Ridder Inc. and Dow Jones & Co. ..." My favorite line from the WSJ story was uttered by Eric Schmidt, their CEO who said that "...strong earnings growth was largely due to revenue outpacing expenses..." -- what a concept! This means they already have economies of scale, and as they grow, their margins will expand (as opposed to which is still intent on not making money as they try to build a digital Wal-Mart).

WSJ: Google Net Soars on Web Ad Boom (subscription required),,SB111409494873913280,00.html?mod=home_whats_news_us
NewsFactorNetwork (free)
Google press release

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