Friday, March 25, 2005


Vistaprint-- They Love Me, Yet I've Done So Little for Them

This past week I've gotten two e-mail promotions from them. One was kind of neat: it had an image of my business card (now, how could I have gotten rid of the ones I just got so quickly? I think I've used four of them, and one of them was to write down a note)

Today, you'll be happy to know that I'm a "select" customer... at least for the next four days, as I got an offer for personalized address labels, note cards, and sports magnets. So unless I act now, or in the next four days, they will "de-select" me, I guess. But somehow, I think they'll find a way to love me and select me again.

The whole thing just strikes me as way too much. It's been two or three promo e-mails a week since I ordered my cards. Yet, I don't remember a "did your cards arrive okay?" contact, or an e-mail about whether or not the order lived up to my expectations. or even a "tell us more about you... perhaps we can show you ways to grow your business..." which might actually double or triple my business card use (I could have used a whole dozen by now!). I can think of some neat things for them, like a virtual card swap, or signing up for a program that would allow businesses looking for my services to easily find me and e-mail or allow them to download my card. There's two things... I can come up with more.

I did get a Vistaprint card from someone the other day. Business must be tough for this person, because he didn't pay the extra $10 to not have them print their ad on the back of the "free*" card. Oh, by the way, the e-mail that provoked this posting... those products were "free*" too.


Today I got an e-mail wanting my feedback about what other things I might buy in the future. They're all print-related specialties. As an incentive, they would send me 10 free note cards. I didn't have time to check if they were "free" or "free*". These were the things they were testing for:
2' x 3' custom magnets for your car doors, 5x7 notepads, adding foil text to your business card, balloons, bound photo book with custom cover, bumper stickers, caricature tote bags and t shirts, circular stickers with company logo, coffee mugs, color printouts of PowerPoint presentations, custom designed checks , custom designed checks , custom license plate holders, custom printed letterhead and envelopes, custom printed shirts, sweatshirts, fleece vests or caps, custom sticky notes, customized pre-inked stamps, folded 5x7 stationery with monograms or thank you notes, folded business cards, large custom mailing labels, novelty ballpoint pens, paper gift bags, pocket sized calendars, signs and banners for store windows, standard sized custom monthly calendars, stress balls
Got yet another one today, 3/28, with the subject "Only 4 days left to save up to 99%". Still reminds me of the Publishers Clearinghouse "You might have won $1 million!" The bouncing "click here" buttons were a little much. There was a disclaimer about the oft-used "free*" or discount offers in the small print at the bottom, where it always is. I wonder if I'll get "3 days", a "2 days", etc. e-mails?
Now only I come to know that Vista print provides email facility.
For any special offer vista print mails us informing about the offer. It's really good job then only we will come to know about the offers.
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