Thursday, March 31, 2005


February 2005 printing shipments, and the 2007 Stir I Caused

February 2005 printing shipments were up by $23 million compared to February 2004. But don't get too excited.

January's shipments were revised down, but were still up by $156 million compared to January 2004. For the first two months, shipments are up by +1.2%.

Inflation-adjusted shipments are down, however, by -1.7%, or by -$256 million for the first two months of 2005.

I've been getting the sense that we've hit bottom temporarily and will have a bumpy ride sideways here. I seem to have cause a stir yesterday when I said that 2007 was our next serious challenge, as lots of factors seem to be coming together at that point. I'll be writing about it in upcoming WTT columns, so stay tuned.

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