Monday, March 14, 2005


The Convergence Myth

This is funny, but I’m using it to make a point. There are some who use the word convergence to make it seem like technologies converge on their own. In reality, technologies split markets apart, and strangely enough people, yes people, make decisions about what technologies might offer benefits to a target audience. That is, a palette is a better description of how people choose what technologies to use, almost like a chef decides what belongs in a recipe. Those technologies change over time, just like the popularity of certain foods and spices changes with the times.

Here’s the link (you may need to subscribe-- but it's free) :,1,4005825.story?coll=la-headlines-sports

Sometimes these decisions can be bad . . . very bad . . . and while I admire the innovation for the product described in the article, it almost seems to be a crime against nature, something that should be shunned . . . The product in the article is not one of convergence at all, and it illustrates how people choose what technologies they want to apply to create benefits directed to a target audience. "Convergence" the way it is used is "Wall Street analyst talk," the kind that got us into trouble in the creation of the Internet bubble.

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