Monday, March 28, 2005


Cell phones as E-book Readers, and Other Curiosities

Publishing consultant Bob Sacks brought this article to my attention. It's about reading using some of the newest cell phones as readers. It's in Japan, and has yet to hit these shores.,1452,66950,00.html

Then again, there are people trying to turn Apple iPods into readers

Many people know I collect radio programs from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, so I found this WSJ article about adding sound effects and music to audio books quite amusing from that perspective. A couple of things were funny from a tech perspective: how this biz is still fighting with standards, and how there was no mention of cell phones. You know that music is being sold for listening on feature-packed cell phones, and audio books will be there too. (Wall Street Journal, subscription required),,SB111171476683889453-search,00.html?collection=wsjie%2F30day&vql_string=Turn+Up+the+Volumes%3Cin%3E%28article%2Dbody%29

Advertising Age is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and has published a brief article about it at and another article lists the top 75 events of that time

Newspapers are trying blogging , and the article has this marvelous quote: "It's important for newspapers to try dangerous experiments." Um, I thing the experiment started without them. But with a newspaper reporting this newspaper experiment, we should not be surprised that they discovered a whole world that's been going on right under their noses, and may claim soon, that they started it. It's only dangerous because it undermines their business, and it's more dangerous not to be in it.

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